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    World Hemophilia Day Celebrated

  • International Surgical Conference November 2016

    Dr Lubna, Dr Munawar, Dr Tahira and Dr Nadeem The society was active during Surgeon giving presentations and raising awareness of Hemophilia.

  • Pakistan Hemophilia Patient Welfare Society

    Dr Tahira Zafar reviewing a patient at the Haemophilia Centre

  • Joint Bleed In Hemophilia

    Azan has a joint bleed and is awaiting factor treatment. Your donations allow us to provide factors to these patients who will develop disabilities without them.


screen-shot-2016-12-07-at-11-49-01-amMessage From The Chairperson

My journey with the hemophilia community started in the early nineties with the realization of the pain and misery of these patients caused by the lack of diagnostic and treatment facilities in Pakistan. The initial focus was to bring these patients together, which resulted in the formation of the Rawalpindi /Islamabad Chapter of the Pakistan Haemophilia Patients Welfare Society (P.H.P.W.S. Rawalpindi/Islamabad. Chapter) in 1999. The next challenge was to ease their pain by providing accurate diagnosis and outpatient treatment facilities. This was done at the newly developed Haematology Clinic at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Rawalpindi.

The obstacles have been many, from persistent difficulties with fundraising for the provision of very expensive factor concentrates to the public and the medical profession, misperceptions about the disease, and the under valuation of the need for the development of medical and humanitarian assistance. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of like-minded medical and technical professionals, volunteers, the PHPWS Rwp./Isbdchapter team, the patients and their families who participated in the working groups and other key initiatives,wehave seen many notable successes. These include the development of the Haemophilia treatment Center (HTC) at the PHPWS Rwp./Isbd. Chapter, inpatient treatment facilities at haemophilia friendly hospitals, the comprehensive haemophilia center at the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences(PIMS) increasing public and medical professional awareness and reaching out to all those across the country with inherited bleeding disorders.

Over the years, what has shone through is the steadfast commitment to helping these patients to take charge of their lives and thrive.

As we move forward in 2016 and beyond, I am proud of what we have accomplished so far and excited about the future. Our haemophilia community is strong and vibrant, and together we will continue our efforts to eliminate the pain and misery of our patients, no matter where they live in the country.

Dr. Tahira Zafar
Consultant Hematologist
Director HTC ,Rawalpindi
Chair Person Medical Advisory Board PHPWS Rawalpindi/Islamabad